Key Assist plus Membership Agreement

If you`re looking for a comprehensive roadside assistance program that offers a range of benefits, then Key Assist Plus Membership Agreement is perfect for you. This program provides coverage for emergency roadside assistance including battery jump-start, fuel delivery, tire changes, lockouts, and towing services.

But what sets Key Assist Plus apart from other roadside assistance programs is its unique set of additional benefits. As a member, you`ll also gain access to discounts on rental cars, hotels, cruises, and theme parks. Plus, you`ll have access to travel assistance, identity theft protection, and legal assistance.

One of the most significant benefits of Key Assist Plus Membership Agreement is that it provides coverage for multiple household members. This means that if you have a spouse or children who frequently drive, you can rest easy knowing that they`re also covered if they run into any issues while on the road.

In terms of pricing, Key Assist Plus is competitively priced. There are two membership tiers to choose from, Standard and Premier, with the latter providing more comprehensive benefits. No matter which tier you choose, you can be confident that you`re getting a great value for your money.

When it comes to using the program, the process is straightforward. If you need assistance while on the road, simply call the toll-free number provided, and a representative will dispatch a service provider to your location as quickly as possible. You`ll receive updates on the status of your request, so you`ll know precisely when to expect help.

Overall, Key Assist Plus Membership Agreement offers a range of benefits that make it an excellent value for anyone looking for comprehensive roadside assistance coverage. The program`s unique set of additional benefits, competitive pricing, and coverage for multiple household members make it an exceptional choice. So if you`re in the market for a roadside assistance program, be sure to check out Key Assist Plus.